The African Business World – Kashim Bukar Shettima’s Blog

Throughout his career as one of Nigeria’s top businessmen, Kashim Bukar Shettima has sought to utilize his entrepreneurial energies to better the lives of his fellow countrymen. Africa as a whole and Nigeria in particular have undergone massive growth during the past quarter century, and the top men and women across numerous sectors of the African economy are joining international partners to oversee the economic maturation of nations across the continent. In his own efforts to build a new Africa, Kashim Bukar Shettima has helped transform his native Nigeria through a multifaceted conglomerate, Barbedos Group of Companies, which currently serves as one of the country’s top enterprises in several sectors.

Kashim Bukar Shettima formed Barbedos Group’s first companies while he served as the leader of such companies as Reliance Bank Limited, Leemas Int. Limited, and Woodcraft Industries Limited. Barbedos Ventures Limited, the Group’s initial business, quickly became one of the most successful agribusiness firms in northern Nigeria. It supplied food products, chemicals, and fertilizer to public- and private-sector farmers and companies throughout the region. Following this success, Kashim Bukar Shettima established Barbedos Cars Limited to take advantage of the rapid transportation sector growth in Nigeria. The firm offers vehicles ranging from luxury Mercedes Benz cars to armored trucks for security applications.

Since finding success with consumer and commercial products, Barbedos Group has expanded its interests to natural resources through Barbedos Oil & Gas Services Limited, a 100% Nigerian-owned company focused on oil trading in partnership with NNPC/PPMC refineries. With $300 million in stable financing through a network of Nigerian and international capital sources, Barbedos Oil & Gas Services has been able to take advantage of short, medium, and long-term contracts in order to increase market share. With a growing expertise in the gas oil and fuel oil markets, as well as an interest in commodities ranging from crude oil to refined products, Barbedos Oil & Gas Services has flourished under Kashim Bukar Shettima’s leadership. For example, Mr. Shettima has forged relationships with Nigerian sources like Warri Refinery and Port Harcourt Refinery in order to capitalize on the deregulation of the oil and gas sectors.

Most recently, Barbedos Group entered into the aviation industry through two companies, Skyjet Aviation Services Ltd. and Barbedos Aviation Services Limited. A chartered aircraft provider with a management team that has decades of collective experience in the aviation sector, Skyjet Aviation also served as an authorized sales representative for Embraer jets in several countries in West Africa. Barbedos Aviation Services, the newest company in the Barbedos Group family, offers a suite of aircraft management services for clients in need of flight crews, insurance coverage, and other necessities. will provide information on numerous topics related to the economic development of Africa, including the successes of business leaders like Kashim Bukar Shettima. By looking at the latest news out of the continent, readers will gain a sense of the achievements made every day by African businesspeople, as well as the challenges facing the next generation of African entrepreneurs. The blog will also provide information on international efforts to improve the economy of nations throughout Africa, as well as nonprofit efforts to spur further development in the region.


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