How Entrepreneurs Build a Successful Startup Team

Entrepreneur Kashim Bukar Shettima founded Barbedos Ventures Ltd. in 1988 as Barbedos Group of Companies Ltd. Today, Kashim Bukar Shettima oversees companies in fields as diverse as oil and aviation.

The success of a business venture depends heavily on the team assembled to back the company in its early stages. Entrepreneurs must understand how to recruit motivated, talented individuals who believe in the organization’s vision. When building a team, entrepreneurs must first look at themselves critically and honestly. By evaluating the skills they possess and, more importantly, the ones they lack, they can identify the team’s potential flaws and recruit professionals to fill those voids.

If an entrepreneur has a great talent for marketing, he or she should not focus energy on finding other marketing professionals. The individuals that an entrepreneur recruits should always perform better than the entrepreneur in that role. If the founder can do the job better, then he or she should do it. The key to good management is hiring people more talented than oneself.

Also, entrepreneurs should clearly outline the values and culture that drive the business and look for professionals with similar values and mentalities. If recruits do not fit in culturally, this conflict will become apparent and ultimately harm the company.


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