How to Go from Idea to Successful Business

Prominent Nigerian entrepreneur Kashim Bukar Shettima manages companies in a variety of industries, from agriculture to oil. Kashim Bukar Shettima started Barbedos Group of Companies Ltd. with a simple vision and continued to build on early success to establish Barbedos Ventures Ltd. and other subsidiaries.

Translating an idea or plan into reality and taking the steps necessary to establish a successful business remains one of the most daunting tasks for an entrepreneur. The first step, of course, involves coming up with the plan itself and examining it from all angles to ensure its strength. This process involves asking other entrepreneurs and mentors for feedback. Individuals should consult specialists in the market and general industry to verify the plan’s viability.

After using feedback to revise the plan, the entrepreneur is poised to create a prototype product or service for further feedback, which proves extremely important, as products and services must be tailored to meet market demand. Through a variety of tests, entrepreneurs must ensure that they have the best product or service possible and constantly think of ways to make improvements, even if minor, as the most basic adjustments can sometimes translate into a significant competitive advantage.