About Kashim Bukar Shettima

The founder, chairman, and CEO of the Barbedos Group of Companies in Nigeria, Kashim Bukar Shettima focuses on expanding the company’s ability to offer a wide array of goods and services to the public and private sectors. The Barbedos Group concentrates on air travel charter services and management, automobile sales and service, agricultural chemicals and fertilizers, and oil and natural gas import-export and trading concerns. In addition to his position as an entrepreneur in some of Nigeria’s most in-demand industries, Kashim Bukar Shettima heads the KBS Foundation, a nonprofit group that strives to increase opportunities for poorer Nigerians to access high-quality medical care and education.

Kashim Bukar Shettima established the KBS Foundation, based in Nigeria’s Kaduna state, in 2005 out of his strong personal commitment to enhancing the lives of his less-fortunate fellow citizens. The charity maintains a focus on several ongoing areas of concern: educational scholarships, welfare support, training for leadership development, the YES Youth Empowerment Scheme, and the KBS Kids Club.

In recent news, the KBS Foundation offered the necessary financial support to fly a 17-year-old with coronary disease to Ghana in order to receive a heart transplant. The orphaned young man, a long-term patient at Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, had received a diagnosis of endomyocardial fibrosis, a rare disorder affecting the lining of the heart.

Kashim Bukar Shettima is the recipient of numerous honors and awards for his business successes and his philanthropy. Named an Untiring Philanthropist by the National Association of Nigerian Students in 2013, he garnered an additional award that same year from the Board of CA Diversified Creations Live Events Academy in acknowledgement of his role as a mentor.


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